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Enjoy Hotel Hüttenmuhle

The family owned hotel Hüttenmühle is a very comfortable accommodation near Koblenz in the Westerwald. The hotel has an amazing location in the middle of nature, hence why hotel Hüttenmühle is ideal for everyone with the desire to enjoy a relaxing trip or needs to re-energize after a long business day. Aside from being located in nature, hotel Hüttenmühle is also conveniently located near various cities and populat sights such as the Deutsche Eck.

With 35 rooms, including apartments and suites, hotel Hüttenmühle has something to offer for everyone. At hotel Hüttenmühle you will be assured of a modern room and a carefully selected interior with luxurious furniture and textures. All rooms are presented with several amenities such as a hair dryer, small kitchenette and many more extras. 

With a location in Hillscheid, Hotel Hüttenmühle offers a perfect combination of nature and city, seeing cities such as Montabauer and Koblenz are just kilometers away. There is a direct connection between hotel Hüttenmühle and Montabauer/Koblenz, this makes the hotel a perfect option of either a business or private trip.

Hotel Hüttenmühle

Hotel Hüttenmühle - Elan Hotel, Limburg
Hüttenmühle Room - Elan Hotel, Limburg
Hotel Hüttenmühle Kitchenette - Elan Hotel, Limburg
Hotel Hüttenmühle - Elan Hotel, Limburg
Bad Emser Hof Hotel - Elan Hotel, Limburg
Bad Emser Hof Room - Elan Hotel, Limburg
Bad Emser Hof View - Elan Hotel, Limburg

Relax at Bad Emser Hof

The recently renovated and modernized Bad Emser Hotel is located in Bad Ems, provides you with a delightful blend of tradition and convenience. The hotel offers 29 comfortable rooms, all with a private balcony.  Among the rooms Hotel Bad Emser Hof also provides one exclusive suite with a spacious roof terrace. 

This 3-star hotel is set on the banks of River Lahn, near the spa gardens. Start your day with a breakfast buffer at the Bad Emser Hof where you can enjoy breathtaking views of the River Lahn and various historical buildings. 

The Bad Emser Hof hotel offers everything you might need to enjoy a relaxing trip, recover from everyday stress at this well-established hotel. Due to the location of the Bad Emser Hof hotel you can immerse yourself in the worlds of both nature and culture at the doorstep of this hotel.


Bad Emser Hof